P. M. Tseriotis Celebrates 100 Years of Entrepreneurial Success

P.M. Tseriotis celebrated 100 years of innovation and growth with a special anniversary event held on October 4th at the Audi Terminal in Nicosia. The occasion was honoured by the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, ministers, mayors, and other state and political officials. The occasion was also attended by hundreds of business associates from Cyprus and abroad, employees, friends of the company, and media representatives.

The highlight of the evening was a specially designed exhibition dedicated to the long history of P. M. Tseriotis; a pioneer in the Cyprus business world that has evolved into one of the oldest and well-known business groups in the country. Exhibits included historic documents, photographs, and other objects of immeasurable historic and sentimental value, with guests being taken on a journey through some of the most important company milestones which are intrinsically linked with the development and growth of the Cyprus economy.

In his opening speech, Alexandros Diogenous, P. M. Tseriotis Chief Executive Officer, welcomed guests and highlighted the numerous factors which have contributed to 100 years of the group’s successful operation in various sectors. He also emphasised that this landmark anniversary is in itself highly important, adding: “It’s impressive when we take into account that it concerns a family business on a small island, which started off with Panayiotis Tseriotis as a sole trader, who exploited opportunities and market trends to expand into a variety of businesses. The company has been through all the challenges of local and international 20th and 21st century history, to become the multifaceted organisation it is today, participating in 10 companies which employ more than 550 people and have a combined turnover of approximately €150 million.”

In turn, Christianna Diogenous, Unicars Chief Executive Officer and member of the P. M. Tseriotis Board of Directors, spoke of the individuals who founded and developed the company - Panayiotis Tseriotis, Lellos and Lya Tseriotis, Anna Tseriotis Diogenous and Pandora Tseriotis - while also praising all company employees, noting: “One of the greatest factors contributing to the success of the group has been its experienced and capable workforce. Due credit must be given to all those who worked hard, and continue to work hard, enabling P. M. Tseriotis to reach the leading position it enjoys in the Cyprus market today. For us, all P. M. Tseriotis employees are an integral part of our family and we all work together tirelessly to achieve the group’s goals. For this reason, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their contribution and dedication.”

Key international business associates of the P.M. Tseriotis group then addressed the audience, honouring their long relationship with the company. Jean-Francois Etienne, General Manager of Unilever Greece, Cyprus and South- East Europe, spoke of the 100 years of collaboration between Unilever and P. M. Tseriotis, and their joint investment in the Cyprus economy, providing local consumers over the years with a plethora of well-known consumer goods, including beloved products manufactured in Cyprus, such as Comfort and CIF.

Head of sales of Seat’s Overseas Region, Jose Maria Garcia, then spoke on behalf of Fred Kappler, Director of Sales of the Volkswagen group, documenting the long collaboration between P.M. Tseriotis and the Volkswagen group which began with the initial import of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle in 1953, and developed into a longstanding relationship through Unicars which represents today Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Lamborghini cars, Ducati motorcycles as well as MAN trucks.

Finally, President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, praised the company’s social contribution over the years, as well as its positive influence on trade and the economy of the country. He stated: “The Tseriotis family has exerted influence beyond Cyprus’ geographical boundaries to become one of the most important and reputable partners of world renowned corporate giants, making the company one of the most important ambassadors of Cypriot entrepreneurship in the international community. Alongside its corporate activities, it must not be forgotten that P.M. Tseriotis, since the days of its establishment, has consistently embraced corporate social responsibility endeavours and activities which promote humanitarian causes and welfare, with Lya at the forefront of these social and charity actions.”

While enjoying the exhibition, guests were carried away on a musical journey through the past century by jazz and swing rhythms. At the end of the evening all attendees received a luxury anniversary book documenting P.M. Tseriotis’ 100-year journey through rare historic material.